Belief In The Truth Of Nothing

by Eternal Sleep

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Stephen Hurley
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Stephen Hurley Heavy, Heavy, HEAVYYYYYYYY. Favorite track: Pyramid.
Carter Beckwith
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Carter Beckwith Eternal Sleep is one band that you're gunna see around for a long time, unlike most bands of this modern metal/hardcore era, the riffs crush you, the vocals are in your face, the drums slay, and the bass just brings the darkness, I can't help but indulge in their music. "Pyramid" is my favorite it just grabs you right away, they also kick ass live, this band is a must hear for any fan of heavy music Favorite track: Pyramid.
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Recorded at the desolate Mars compound by Bill Korecky
Mastered at Audiosiege by Brad Boatright


released March 10, 2015

Vocals - Joseph Sanderson
Guitar - Travis Bennington
Bass - Ben Duty
Drums - Colin Bennington



all rights reserved


Eternal Sleep Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Heavy Rock and Roll from Pittsburgh PA

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Track Name: Pyramid
It’s the time that cuts to the bone. It’s a lost memory of what you’ve known. What’s tied to it dies with the sun, so die with the sun. It still calls your name. Despite time, you’re just the same. No matter what I do, I still taste the blood. Like a simple god that spread sin from above. Submit to the empty sky. It’s nothing. Wait, wait, I know now what was meant by the same rotated argument. Let go of your empty body. It was never yours. It’s nothing. There’s truth in nothing. Believe
Track Name: Mirror
Is it because you wait, oh you’ve got something to say? Does your conscience sweat as she’s drawn to the bait? Keep yourself close; she’s got so much more to lose. I hope your spine doesn’t snap as you approach truth. Inverted, tangled, the circle completes itself. Dear mirror, what was that you felt? Twisted, contorted. Tell me again the suffering offence that slipped you on your way past relevance. The sobbing story’s pretty thin. Can you ride your tale of woe all the way heaven? The circle completes itself. Dear mirror, what was that you felt? Try to forgive myself, because all I saw was myself. There is no you.
Track Name: Old Friends
If you found some meaning you might solve the puzzle staring you in the face. You know that you’re not looking, it makes for better stories as it is and time flies when you hate yourself. Say again “I’m so sorry” and “well, us” it just can’t take the weight. Fuck it. Just this once we’ll do things your way. It’s just one less mouth to feed, one less to spit back in my face. One less to bite my hand. Someday you’ll say what you mean but by then I’d be long gone. So long, old friend. You know me, I won’t be back around. You know me… Farewell old Friend.