by Eternal Sleep

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Recorded at Paper Tiger Studios by Bobby Leonard.


released August 21, 2012

Vocals - Joseph Sanderson
Guitar - Travis Bennington
Guitar/Bass - Dan McGhee
Bass - Ben Duty
Drums - Colin Bennington



all rights reserved


Eternal Sleep Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Heavy Rock and Roll from Pittsburgh PA

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Track Name: Easily
I can’t catch a break
It’s always you
How long can you wait?
I’m not coming back

So it goes
So it ends
What’s a little silence between friends?
But we aren’t there
And haven’t been for a while
Its like I can’t forget to hold the hand of a child

How can I not care?
How can I disappear


My every step
So you sit in the dark and now you know my mind?
Twist whatever works
You’re mind run amok
But I don’t want to break the ice on which I walk

What now, what this time?
How can I do this to you?


You can have your world
And I don’t give a fuck
How your write it in your mind
I’m not the one on the brink

It’s not worth another thought
Because after all
When you’re always right…
What is happiness?

And I’ll ask you
Ask you again
When you’re always right
What is happiness?
And you’re always right
So what is happiness?
Track Name: Heart Grows Fonder
Absence makes the heart grow fonder
But it makes the mind forget
With every passing mile
I remember less and less

I’m still alive, or so it seems cause…
Just like hope, my love died with my dreams
I still know me and what’s true
With or without you
And I know where you sleep and I know it’s good
But I won’t go back, even if I could
Cause I’m all used up and not the same
Get used to the pain

If it can’t be up, at least my head is clear
If my heart had its way you might reappear
I won’t let you back inside
The self is all that I can call mine
So the wall goes up and doors nailed shut
I should know better but enough is enough
Cause I’m all used up and not the same
I’m fucking used to the pain

Absence makes the heart grow fonder
But that’s gone now too
If it wasn’t for bad luck
I would’ve never met you
Track Name: Mine
But only for show
Cause you’re fucking faking
And knowing better
Is so fucking simple as
Taking a step
Past the walls
That protect
The secrets you erect
They never even existed
The truth’s your biggest critic

Hanging on every word
Disciples eat what they’re fed
He preaches destruction
But convention sleeps in his bed
The great artist himself
Hatred as pure as the dust
A loving family with children…
Is this the sin that you trust?

Mistake my point for jealousy
The veil you wear does not fool me
Inside they plot the end of time
Yet disgusted when I take what’s mine

I take what’s mine.
Track Name: Terrible Sound
My memories fade
Not with time but with pain
And it keeps bringing me down
Nostalgia is that...
...terrible sound
You hear before it hits
And by then it’s too late
I make myself numb
And yet no escape

And at the end of the day, I know I’m still alone
And I could scream at the world, but who would fucking care?
Not me

Nostalgia is that...
...terrible sound
You hear before it hits
And by then it’s too late
No fucking escape

And when the world turned, it stole my heart
And in a blink of an eye, guess who’s left by your side?
Not me

It won’t be me
I will disappear
I just want to remember
But I know better cause

Nostalgia is that...
...terrible sound
You hear before it hits
And by then it’s too late
No fucking escape

I’d rather think of better moments, but they’re all a blur
I think I’ll play it close again; my voice can stay unheard